Gougane Barra Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Stuff you need

1/2 lb/225g of Butter or Dairy Free Margarine
1/2 lb/225g of Caster sugar
1 egg yolk- preferably free-range
2 drops of vanilla extract
1/2 lb/225g of Cream Flour or Gluten Free Flour 
1/2 tsp of bread soda
1/2lb/225g of high quality chocolate chips, we use Callebaut 70% 

How to do it

Cream the butter and sugar, until light in colour, we use a two prong electric mixer.
Mix in the egg yolk and vanilla
Sieve in the flour and bread soda, and mix together.
Add in the chocolate chips and give a quick mix.
Shape in parchment paper into a long sausage and chill in the fridge for 1 hour, we make them small as they are very light and fit on the side of your saucer.
Heat the oven to gas 3, line trays with parchment and slice the cookies when chilled
Cook for 20 minutes, keep a close eye as they can burn quickly,leave to cool before removing from trays with an egg slice or they will break.

Note: this mix makes quite a lot of delicious cookies; you can divide or multiply recipe as you require.