Hotel Bar

We have a small bar with a huge choice. Old whiskeys from ancient Irish distilleries, a fun wine list with wines from all over the world, craft beers,special spirits,a selection of gins and liqueurs, Irish coffee, cocktails, mocktails or whatever you fancy, maybe simply a cup of tea or a coffee.

We serve lunch here during the day, where you can relax and enjoy the friendly atmosphere, have a glass of stout and a bite of something home cooked.

We are happy for you to drop in with your book, or with twenty friends for cocktails, mocktails or simply a cup of funny tea or a fancy coffee.

Maybe you would like a cocktail, our favourite is the Gougane Squirrel 

Why not a whiskey tasting? Please ask and we are happy to oblige

Whatever the occasion, we are happy to help you plan an informal party or drinks or tea party after a walk in the hills.

Pop in to the bar in the evening, you never know who you could meet in Gougane over a pint of stout.