The Gaeltacht

What is it?

Gaeltacht is the Irish language word for an Irish/Gaelic speaking region. The Gaeltacht areas are small rural pockets of Ireland where the Irish language (Gaeilge) is the first language of those that live here and is widely used. In the Gaeltacht schools, Irish is the language of learning for all the subjects studied.

Many of the Gaeltacht regions are located on the western seaboard of Ireland where Irish culture and traditions are kept very strong. Our local Gaeltacht region is Muscraí (Muskerry) which comprises of the villages of Beal Átha an Ghaorthaidh, Cúil Aodh, Baile Mhúirne and Cill na Martra all situated West of Macroom town.

Gúgán Barra (Gougane Barra) is part of this Gaeltacht, and, it is here in 1904 that the Irish teaching college, Coláiste na Mumhan was formed to teach adults the Irish language.

'We have a new meeting room in the hotel and are planning Conversational Irish Language Classes mixed with some Irish  ballad singing, as we love the language, and want people to enjoy being able to speak a few words and have fun while doing so.' 
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Make a start

Gaeilge   English How to pronounce it
Dia Dhuit Good Day Deea gwich
Conas atá tú? How are you? Co-ness a taw too
Tá mé go maith I am well Taw may guh mah
Ceart go leor Alright Kart guh lore
Cad is ainm duit? What’s your name? Cod iss annim dit?
____ is ainm dom My name is ____ ____ iss annim dum
Le do Thoil Please Le doh hull
Caife le do thoil Coffee please Coffey le doh hull
Go raibh maith agat Thank you Gur-uv ma uh-gut
Tóg go bog é Take it easy Togue guh bug aye
Sláinte Cheers Slaun te
Maith thú Well Done/good for you Mah who
Póg mo Thóin! Kiss my ass Pogue muh hone
Go néirí an bóthar leat Best of luck Guh nyri un bohar lat
Slán Good bye Slawn