Our Team at Gougane Barra Hotel

We are a small seasonal fifth generation family-run hotel open from 8th April to 5th November in 2017. 
We are situated in a  glaciated valley in the mountains of West Cork in the South West of Ireland, if you are an outdoors person the location is perfect for you. 
We are lucky to have some of our team return every year to join us for the season. 
We are proud to say that our team comes from all over the World this year,  Ireland, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, England and Romania!

The team is small and work very well together.We are a personal hotel and it is very important to us to have a team that gets on well together. It makes a great atmosphere to work in, and a welcoming homey place to stay.

If you would like to be part of our team for the 2018 season  please email us your CV: hr@gouganebarrahotel.com or info@gouganebarrahotel.com

We would love to hear from you.