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Courage and Spark and Gougane Barra Hotel – 30th March-3rd April 2020

Courage and Spark and Gougane Barra Hotel – 30th March-3rd April 2020

Courage and Spark and Gougane Barra Hotel – partneringtogether

Courage and Spark, practice-leaders in vertical leadership development, are delighted and proud to be partnering with Gougane Barra Hotel. Together we hosted and delivered the first open Courage and Spark leadership development programme in Ireland in March 2019.

We have now set dates for the 2020 workshop, March 30th- April 3rd, 2020.

This year’s programme was a huge success reflected in the following quotes from some of the participants:

“It’s been one of the biggest weeks of my life”.

“This is immense”.

“I’ve never experienced a week like this”.

“It’s revolutionary”.

“I’ve done so much development over the years, mostly horizontal learning, but this is the missing piece. An amazing week”.

A powerful and beautiful programme”. 

Vertical leadership development 

Who looks outside, dreams,

Who looks inside, awakens Jung 

Vertical development is the process of learning to see the world through new eyes and changing the interpretations and meanings we ascribe to life experience. It largely requires an inside-out approach to learning, quite different in nature to the outside-in horizontal method based on pouring in more knowledge, skill-sets and expertise. Vertical development is based on reflection, awareness-raising and personal insight, and requires deeper self-examination and personal work. In turn, this can lead to changes in perspective and an increased capacity to see,understand, empathise, and be in stronger contact with ourselves, others and the world.  

Courage and Spark

But maybe you’re wondering about why Peter Bluckert, the founder, called the company Courage and Spark in the first place? Perhaps you have a feel for it. The nature of ‘inner-work’, deeper self-exploration, is of itself a courageous act. Many people avoid it if they can,and only do it if their lives get too hot to handle. Spark? Because when people really re-connect to themselves, almost like coming back to themselves; when they get unstuck; and when they get in touch with their purpose and vision,there is a release of energy. You can often see the moment when the spark occurs. Re-ignition.

Since establishing the company in 2010 my team and I have been privileged to deliver our signature leadership programme and vertical development coaching to managers and leaders in a wide range of organisations across three continents. There have been lots of sparks with a great many courageous people, and we’ve been delighted by the way it’s been received.

Our mission

·Clearly, leaders need all the high-quality help they can get to meet the demands of their roles, and those they will move into going forward, so that there is less likelihood of a mismatch between role complexity and their current capacity. Helping build the new capacities to deal with the evermore challenging ‘wicked’ problems of our time is a significant part of the remit for vertical development.

And … we need to go beyond the corporate leadership space.

·There are many people in all walks of life and all ages who are coming to recognise that they have outgrown their own container, and are actively looking for ways to grow. So, the much larger canvas I want to invite you to join me on here is the transformative and evolutionary journey of human growth and fulfilment of potential. 

Peter Bluckert - Founder 

In his own words…

“I like to create unforgettable, life-changing experiences where people come back to themselves and forge deep enduring connections with others. Ultimately, I think this work is about humanity and my mission is to bring it to more people both within and outside of corporate life. In the way that Yoga came in from the margins (in the West), to become mainstream, my greatest wish would be to see a similar phenomenon happening with this life-enhancing work. I think we should be bringing it into people’s lives much earlier through our education systems, working towards it being an integral part of professional development programmes, and making it widely accessible to the general public”


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