Walnut and Treacle Traditional Irish Brown Soda Bread

Walnut and Treacle Traditional Irish Brown Soda Bread

Makes 4 x 445g/1 lb loaves or 2 x 890g/2lb loaves

Stuff you need;

650g/ 1.5 lbs Extra coarse brown wholemeal flour
225g/ ½ lb. Plain White flour
2 tsp. Bread soda (bicarbonate of soda) sieved
100g/ 4 ozs Irish Creamery Butter 
handful/ 4 ozs roughly chopped walnuts- any nuts you fancy really, they are optional
small handful/ 2 ozs Demerera Brown sugar- optional
.75 litre of Buttermilk
4 Free-range Eggs lightly beaten
3 dessertspoons of Treacle (warmed slightly)
A handful of pinhead oatmeal and a little porridge oats can also be added if you like a coarser bread

How to do it;

Mix all dry ingredients very well in a mixing bowl.
Beat the eggs well with a mixer and then add the melted butter and mix with the warmed treacle, give it a good mixing and add ¾ of the buttermilk.
Make a well in the centre and add all the liquid ingredients, do not add the remaining butter milk unless you think you need to, it is quite a wet mixture not possible to knead it you should be able to scoop it in your palm into the prepared tins
Divide mixture into 4 x (445g)1lb. lightly oiled bread tins.
Shake sesame seeds on top or any other seeds you fancy
Bake at gas 3 (170ºc) for almost one hour approx.
We always listen to our bread to decide when it is ready, when it almost stops talking it is ready, still whispering a little though..

Katy Lucey.