Wine List

Wine List

Sparkling Wine

01 Prosecco Frizzante, Jeio Cuvée Foie, N.V. Valdobbiadene, Italy € 29.50
Produced by the region’s best marque in their vineyards in the villages around Valdobbiadene.
Peachy scrumptious and effervescent - a real treat.

02 Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, ‘Jeio,’ N.V. Valdobbiadene, Italy € 44.00
Delicious elegant wine with aromatic creamy peach fruits, balanced by a fresh citrus finish.

03 Rose Cuve ‘Jeio,’ N.V. Valdobbiadene, Italy € 45.00
A cunning blend of Merot and Pinot Noir. Wonderfully fruity and refreshing.


04 Louis Roederer, Brut Premier N.V. Reims, France € 92.00

05 Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut N.V. Reims, France € 85.00

06 Champagne Bruno Paillard Première Cuvee Reims, France € 110.00

07 Louis Roederer Brut Vintage Rosé 2000 Reims, France €125.00

Half Bottle Champagne

08 Pannier, Château Thierry N.V. Reims, France (37.5cl) € 37.00

Crisp and Light Wines

9. Sauvignon Blanc, Corinto, 2012, Chile €19.00
New World fruity, very clean, drinkable and characterful with 
lime citrus flavours and a lovely balanced acidity.

10. Sauvignon Blanc, Honoré de Berticot, 2011, IGP Vin de l'Atlantique, France  22.95
Pristine, fresh aromas and vibrant appetising green fruits are 
Here in abundance.  Delicious refreshing wine.

11. Stickleback White, 2009, Australia € 30.00
Made from an interesting blend using the best grapes available 
for this extraordinary wine.

12. Albariňo, Rias Baixas, Viňa Cartin, 2010, Rias Baixas, Spain €40.00

Fresh, aromatic, zesty; light pears and lemons


Zesty & Fruity Whites Bottle

13. Pinot Grigio Garganega, San Giorgio, 2011, Italy €21.50

Light, spring-fresh, pure green fruits with a dry mineral finish.

14. Chardonnay, Main à Main, 2011, Pays d'Oc, France €24.90

Pure, unoaked Chardonnay with fresh, rounded pears and citrus.  

15. Bordeaux Blanc, Château Rauzan-Despagne Réserve, 2011 France € 35.00,

Light, refreshing, crisp dry white with clean pineapple and melon fruits.

Aromatic & Unusual Whites Bottle

16. Viognier, La Linda, 2009, Argentina €28.00

Rich peach and apricots with a creamy texture

17. Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Hunky Dory , 2011,New Zealand €29.00

Vivid fresh gooseberry and white peach fruits with zingy lime.

18. Pecorino, 'Villa Angela', Velenosi, 2010, Italy €38.00

Exotic floral aromas, crisp succulent fruit and a bone-dry finish.

19. Riesling, Devil’s Corner, Tamar Ridge, 2008, Tasmania, Australia €38.50

A twist of fresh lime juice underlies the intense minerality of this exquisite wine. 

20. Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Huia Vineyards, 2011, New Zealand €39.00

Lightly aromatic with elegant gooseberry, passion fruit and lime zest, finishing bone dry.

21. Sauvignon Blanc, Iona Estate, 2009, South Africa  €39.00

Refined flavours of spring meadows, with minerality.

22. Sancerre, Tinel-Blondelet, Domaine La Croix Canat, 2010 Loire €48.00

A refreshing dry white, lightly aromatic with concentrated pear and apple fruits, balanced by well-integrated citrus acidity.

Rich & Round Whites Bottle

23. Jurançon Sec, Château de Navailles, 2007, France €36.00

Smooth and inviting, with rich ripe mouth-watering pears.

24. Lugana, 'San Benedetto', Zenato, 2009, Italy €34.00

Rich, succulent apple & pear fruits and a crisp refreshing finish.

25. Pouilly-Fuissé, Clos Varambon 2007 (organic), Burgundy €50.00

C’est très jolie! Organic with a fantastic concentration of fruit and superb length.

26. Pouilly-Fuissé, Domaine des Valanges, 2011, Burgundy  €58.00

An oak-free wine with rich, rounded red apple fruits and a subtle honeyed touch.

White Wine Half Bottles Bottle (37.5 cl)

27. Chardonnay, La Linda, 2010, Argentina €15.00

Creamy pure succulent pear and tropical fruits.

28. Bordeaux Blanc, Château Rauzan-Despagne Réserve, 2009 France €19.00

Light refreshing crisp dry white with clean pineapple and melon fruits.

29. Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Huia Vineyards, 2010, New Zealand €19.50

Lightly aromatic with elegant gooseberry, passion fruit and lime zest, finishing bone dry.

Rosé Wines Bottle

30. Pinot Grigio delle Venezie Rosé, San Giorgio, 2011, Italy €26.00

Fragrant fresh raspberry fruits with a zesty dry finish.

31. Merlot Rosé, Le Petit Berticot, 2011, Côtes de Duras, France€26.95

Delightful summer aromas with delicate strawberry and raspberry fruits.

Light Reds Bottle

32. Cabernet Sauvignon, Corinto, 2011, Chile €19.50

Juicy cassis and blackcurrant fruits and a smooth dry finish.

33. Sangiovese di Puglia, San Giorgio, 2011, Italy €21.50

Ripe medium-bodied slightly earthy dark cherry fruits.

34. Pinot Noir Reserva, Viňa Leyda, 2011, Chile €32.00

Fragrant perfumed aromas and pure dark cherry fruits.

35. Fleurie, Poncié , Domaine du Vissoux, 2010, Beaujolais €49.00

Wonderfully juicy light cherry fruits, and a smooth finish.

Fruity Reds Bottle

36. Merlot, Corinto, 2011, Chile €19.50

Juicy ripe red summer fruits with just a hint of spice.

37.Rioja Crianza, Luis Caňas, 2008, Spain €36.00

Smooth, elegant wine with supple rounded dark cherry fruits.

38. Chianti Rufina, Corso Nero, 2009, Italy €37.00

Classic Chianti with piquant dark cherries and soft plum fruits.

Rich & Full-Bodied Reds Bottle

39. Garnacha, 'Black Label,' Campo de Borja, Bodegas Borsao,2010 Spain €24.50

Full and rounded; voluptuous strawberry and spice.

40. Malbec, La Linda, 2009, Argentina €28.00

Full rounded meaty dark forest fruits.

41. Pinotage, Diemersfontein Estate, 2009, South Africa €44.00

Intense coffee, woodsmoke, rich swarthy dark forest fruits.

42. Ribera del Duero Crianza, Condado de Haza, 2007, Spain €49.00

Powerful with hedgerow fruit, spiciness and smooth tannins.

43. Shiraz, Heartland, 2009, South Australia €52.00

Packed full of smooth ripe plums and dark chocolate flavours.

44. Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge, Domaine Quiot, 2009, Rhône €62.00

Rich, powerful and smooth with warming spicy strawberry fruits.

Smooth & Layered Reds Bottle

45. Shiraz Cabernet, Birchmore, 2011, Australia €25.00

Warming, rounded and welcoming.  A charming medium-bodied wine with seductive soft damson fruits.

46. Côtes du Roussillon, Domaine de Bisconte, 2010, France €28.00

Elegant, ripe, dark fruits with a touch of spice.

47. Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Il Bucco, 2010, Italy €28.00

Charming rounded dark fruits with a delicious kick on the finish.

48. Navarra Cabernet Merlot, 'Norte,' Inurrieta, 2008, Spain €29.00

Classic elegant style with juicy cassis fruit.

49. Stickleback Red, 2009, Australia €30.00

Full & rounded with slightly piquant, fleshy dark plum fruits. 

50. Palha Canas, Vinho Regional Lisboa, 2009, Portugal €32.00

Soft summer fruits with chocolate and spice.

51. Côtes du Rhône, Domaine St. Gayan, 2009, France €32.00

Ripe, sweet dark forest fruits in a subtle medium-bodied wine.

52. Valpolicella Classico Superiore, Zenato, 2009, Italy €32.00

Succulent ripe cherry and blackcurrants with a velvety smooth finish.

53. Pinot Noir, Devil’s Corner, Tamar Ridge, 2009, Tasmania, Australia €38.50

Tangy, elegant and bursting with wild strawberry fruit and minerality.

54. Ripassa della Valpolicella Superiore, Zenato, 2009, Italy €49.00

Rich silky-smooth sweet dark cherry fruits with a touch of dark chocolate.

Red Wine Half Bottles Bottle (37.5 cl)

55. Malbec, La Linda, 2009, Argentina €15.00

Full rounded meaty dark forest fruits.

56. Valpolicella Classico Superiore, Zenato, 2009, Italy €18.00

Succulent ripe cherry and blackcurrants with a velvety smooth finish.

57. Fleurie, Poncié, Domaine du Vissoux, 2010, Burgundy €19.00

Wonderfully juicy light cherry fruits, and a smooth finish.

Sweet Wines Bottle

58. Late Harvest Tokaj, Oremus Estate, Half Bottle (37.5cl) €47.00

Light elegant honey and mandarin with fresh lemon zest.

59. Beerenauslese, Kracher, 2009, Austria €48.00

Luscious apricots and exotic fruits with caramel.

Fortified Wines Bottle

60. Classic Manzanilla, Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla,(37.5cl)  €22.00 

Fresh, Tangy dry Sherry with lemon zest and subtle grilled almonds.

61. 10 Year Old Tawny Port, Quinta do Vallado €79.00

Tawny colour, with nuts, dark fruit and spice.

The last word…

We hope you enjoy our selection. We aim to support small producers making extraordinary wine in the best regions of the world. Despite our efforts, disappointing bottles crop up from time to time. If, for any reason, a wine fails to meet your expectations given its description or a recommendation by our staff, we would be delighted to refund you in full. No question. (Send back more than two bottles in one night and we just might get tetchy!)

Neil and Katy